EXM - Vetting Submission Steps:

  • Contact our official account to make submission

  • Fill in your data in the form we have provided

EXM Process:
We have 4 Sections process as outlined below with 25+ questions. The main sections are Project Overview, Core Team, Community, Smart Contracts, Wallet & Liquidity, and Pre/Post Launch Details.

Work Duration:
We implement one day service for all of our services, but it all depends on our work traffic. All Incoming data will be done based on the queue, and we will finish your submission as soon as possible according to our Standar Operating Procedure.

The benefit of having a Vetted Badge by Cognitos:
By having a vetted badge by Cognitos on your project, you provide a sense of security for your investor or current and the future users of your project. It proves that your project has a higher level of transparency, security, and information. Those are the key for being trusted. In addition, your project also receive the following benefit :

  • Awarded the EXM / Vetted Badge

  • Added the vetted document in Cognitos Website

  • A unique Doc certificate with your project name and website

  • Instanlly labelled as “Vetted” in the Cognitos Website

  • Instantly labelled as “Vetted” in the GemPad Launchpad

  • Promoted in all of Cognitos Social Media

  • Free Token Launch Consulting

EXM - Vetting
In-depth Examination (SAFU)

EXM Vetting >

Please read carefully so you can find out how the EXM / Vetting process works

Step 3
Formal Review >

Step 2
Initial Review >

Step 1
Application >

Step 4
Vetting Interview >

Step 5
Final Decision >

Contact t.me/InfoCognitos for EXM service request.

After we collect your data, our team will check your data with our Standard Operational Procedure. The data that you submit must fulfill the minimum requirements to continue our next step.

At this stage you will be given information whether you passed or not for our next step. If you passed the previous stage, we will make the schedule for the interview. And you must complete the Vetting payment at this stage before continuing the next step.

The interview will be conducted according to the schedule. You must present all core teams and or holders for the Private Key, Owner Wallets, Developer Wallet, Marketing Wallet, etc. At this stage our team will discuss more deeply the data that you have submitted.

  • KYC = Audio interview / Video Interview

  • Doxxed = Video Interview

In this stage our team will check and validate the interview results and the data you submitted. If you are successful in passing all our stages, you will get a Vetting certificate and get a Vetting badge on our website and Gempad. If you fail to pass all our stages, we will suggest some recommendations and if you can fix your flaws, you can re-apply without additional cost.

The completion of a Smart Contract Audit, KYC, or few simple questions for the developer does not represent being vetted. An EXM is vetting with a deep review of a project that should be done by a trusted company that provides vetting service. Cognitos as one of GemPad's vetting partners needs to review every aspect of the project and provide detailed information of the project team, community, wallet, etc.

EXM / Vetting
A Vetted Badge is a badge that is linked to a detailed critical reviews which can be read by any one and help the Investors to make a decision on whether to invest or not.