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Smart contract assessment by taking into account several elements of security and vulnerabilities that are projected to occur if a smart contract running. This assesment uses a deep method that is carried out using artificial intelligence and manual review by Cognitos engineers.

KYC service is a method used by the project owner to give more trust even though you still anonymous. KYC will reduce the fear of investors to invest in your project. We highly recommend you to use this service to get high trust for your project investors

The completion of a Smart Contract Audit, KYC, or few simple questions for the developer does not represent being vetted. An EXM is vetting with a deep review of a project that should be done by a trusted company that provides vetting service.

Escrow is an online payment method involving buyers, sellers and third parties. The third party is responsible for the accounts receivable so that the transaction process between the seller and the buyer is guaranteed. Escrow services will protect the privacy of sellers and buyers from fraud.